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Rubik Infotech Pvt Ltd.Rubik Infotech Pvt Ltd.

OT security

Rubik Infotech specializes in safeguarding Operational Technology (OT) systems. We create asset inventories, implement network segmentation, and ensure strict access control. Our anomaly detection, security updates, and incident response plans fortify your OT environment. Trust us for reliable and secure operations.

Safeguard Your Operational Technology with Rubik’s Security Solutions

Discover our advanced Operational Technology Security solutions, purpose-built to protect your online assets with confidence.

Network Segmentation

Isolate OT networks from corporate IT networks to minimize intrusion risks.

Access Control

Implement robust authentication measures, allowing access to authorized personnel only.

System Hardening

Apply security patches, disable unnecessary services, and adopt secure configurations for reduced vulnerabilities.

Monitoring and Detection

Deploy intrusion detection systems, SIEM solutions, and anomaly detection to identify and respond to threats.

Incident Response

Develop effective incident response plans and procedures for swift security incident resolution.

Employee Training

Educate your staff on security best practices, threat recognition, and foster a security-conscious culture.
Our Partners

Rubik’s Cybersecurity Solution Offerings

Discover our selection of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bolster your defenses against cyber threats.

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    Our Partners

    Safeguarding India’s Leading Enterprises

    Rubik Infotech has earned the trust of some of the largest business organizations in India to secure their enterprise.

    Explore Our Full Range of Products and Services

    Discover our 360-degree cybersecurity approach designed to protect your hybrid clouds and networks. Proactively identify, analyze, and mitigate cyber threats to safeguard against potential damage and loss.


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