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Every Event Counts – Metrics

Mitigate Downtime Through Instant Alerts, Dynamic Dashboards, and Advanced Analytics Fuelled by Machine Learning Across Logs, Metrics, and Traces.

Tackle Your Most Demanding

IT Operational Hurdles

Effectively handle the expanding data influx. Dissolve data barriers, interpret events instantly, and expedite contemporary service deployment.



Enrich &



Oversee and Control Entire IT Operations

In the Face of Today’s Diverse Network Challenges, Organizations Must
Prioritize Investment in a Resilient IT Operations Framework.

MotaData Home

Motadata AIOps

Unlock Potent Insights for Driving Business Results

Network Observability

offers real-time monitoring and AI-driven correlation tools to analyze an entire organization's network, ensuring unparalleled insights and proactive management.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Unified Observability Hub for On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid IT Infrastructures

Log Analytics

Examine machine-generated data to identify trends and patterns, unlocking valuable business insights for informed decision-making.

Network Automation

Construct operational guides to consistently optimize network efficiency, incorporating network virtualization for enhanced performance.

Motadata ServiceOps

Enhance Organizational Efficiency by Streamlining Business Processes Across the Board

Service Desk

Optimize IT service delivery using a virtual assistant to enhance the adoption of service desk solutions.

Asset Manager

Maintain comprehensive oversight of both IT and non-IT assets, managing them seamlessly from a unified platform.

Patch Manager

Streamline patch management through automation, fortifying your endpoints against potential vulnerabilities

Conversational AI

Minimize Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) with the utilization of a Highly Scalable Virtual Agent powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Automate and Expand through Seamless Native Integrations

Leverage over 200 native integrations across monitoring protocols, cloud services, and third-party APIs to swiftly automate data collection and remediation. Employ metric and log applications for immediate monitoring of diverse sources, including Metrics, Network Flow, and Logs.

Start managing your IT infrastructure with one unified platform.

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