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Total Control: Lansweeper Unifies Your IT, OT, and IoT Assets in A Single Platform

Explore IT mastery with Lansweeper. Consolidate IT, OT, and IoT assets in one platform. Empower IT Heroes with seamless discovery, analysis, and control in a centralized hub. Elevate your IT game with Lansweeper’s unified solutions.

Effortlessly Handle Your Digital Assets

Tailored for IT Pros, our platform provides precise visibility into your IT, OT, and IoT infrastructure.


Cross-Platform Asset Discovery

Unearth IT, IoT & OT assets effortlessly—no software installs needed. Wipe out blind spots with extensive visibility into devices, users, and software throughout your entire tech domain. Attain complete insights for informed decisions and peak operational efficiency across your comprehensive technology landscape.



One Centralized Asset Inventory

Effectively oversee asset lifecycles, document crucial data on business importance, Network Management, and IT Service Management with Lansweeper. Centralizing asset details, it provides complete visibility—revealing owned assets, locations, and users. A unified solution for comprehensive control in distributed technology landscapes.


IT Data for All Asset

Swiftly access essential insights with top-down dashboards to oversee your tech estate. Dive deep into details for security, audits, cost optimization, and sustainability. Tailor list views to match your unique environment. Pick from ready-made reports or effortlessly create custom ones. Efficient answers, tailored to your needs.


Risk Insights

Spot Risks, Monitor Assets End-to-End

Utilize NIST Catalog-linked vulnerability data for insightful asset protection. Detect assets with known vulnerabilities, enhancing incident response. Access lifecycle details to monitor product support status, foreseeing end-of-life for hardware and operating systems.


Diagram Your IT Assets for Clear Visualization

Lansweeper’s diagrams heighten inventory awareness. Swiftly grasp asset relations through auto-generated diagrams, unveiling network topologies and virtual environments. Elevate your understanding with dynamic visuals.


Easy Connect to Other Systems

Integrating seamlessly into your current tech stack, Lansweeper fuels diverse IT scenarios with real-time, precise data. Harness insights across your operations—auto-fill your CMDB, enhance IT Service Management, fortify security alerts, bolster Attack Surface Management, and more. Whatever the IT scenario, reliable and readily available data empowers your operations with Lansweeper.

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