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Experience the whole office in one screen at half the price. Collaborate seamlessly, stay organized, and save big.

Discover the ultimate browser-based solution for your business. Get hosted email, Team Chat, Conferences, document collaboration, and more.

Email is where every business journey begins

Smart multitasking

Boost your productivity with Rubik Infotech’s multitasking capabilities. Compose emails, chat with colleagues, review documents, and join conference calls simultaneously.

Smart planning

Streamline your schedule management , Receive meeting invitations and quickly assess your availability with our interactive invite dialog, providing a clear overview of your schedule.

Smart attachments

SmartAttach by Icewarp. Easily share large files like videos and presentations by uploading them to our secure cloud. Your recipients receive a quick download link, avoiding mailbox congestion.

Smart delayed send

Avoid those “Oops, I forgot the attachment!” moments with our Delayed Send feature. Get an extra five seconds to review and make last-minute changes before your email goes out

TeamChat, beyond email communication

Email and Team Chat connected

Collaborate seamlessly with your team by sharing drafts and incoming emails in Team Chat rooms. Compose new emails collaboratively and send them directly from the chat room when you’re ready.

Comments, Pins & Mentions

Effortlessly identify key messages in a chat room by using comments for clearer navigation. Highlight important posts by pinning them, and mention colleagues to immediately draw their attention with instant notifications.

Team Chat Mobile app

Stay connected and track your team’s progress on the go with just your phone. Use the TeamChat mobile app to instantly respond to new posts, comment, and share files from anywhere.

Free access for all

Extend your collaboration beyond IceWarp by inviting non-IceWarp clients and contractors to TeamChat. Our guest accounts are free and, unlike other services, don’t require registration. Plus, shared documents are readable and editable for external users as well.

Conferences. Meetings and record your calls


Effortlessly record your meetings to the cloud and share the video with colleagues who may have missed it. You can also set up auto recording during conference scheduling to ensure you don’t forget.

Free access for all

Any IceWarp user can initiate a conference and invite colleagues or even non-IceWarp users. Invitees can join the conference for free and don’t need to go through a registration process.

Access control

End-to-end encryption and password protection are vital security features that ensure only authorized attendees can join your conference. To enhance meeting security, the lobby mode is a valuable tool. This feature allows access to the meeting’s attendees only with the organizer’s permission, adding an extra layer of control and safeguarding your virtual meetings.

Conferences on the go

Work from virtually anywhere – now you can join meetings even while on the go in your car through Apple Carplay or Android Auto, compatible with both iOS and Android.

Cloud Storage

Your desktop is in sync

FileSync guarantees that your files remain up-to-date across all your desktops, devices, and cloud storage seamlessly.

Store your files securely

Protect your data with built-in malware detection. Sophos scans your files as they’re uploaded to the cloud, keeping your information safe.

Mobile and tablet access

Stay productive while on the move. Use the IceWarp app to access, browse, preview, and even edit your Office documents from anywhere.

File sharing and collaboration

Maintain control over any files you share with robust tracking, expiration dates, and password protection.

Documents. All your productivity needs are covered

Word, Excel, PowerPoint

WebDocuments seamlessly integrate with native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats, supporting advanced features like pivot tables, macros, and controls.

Collaborative editing

Collaborate on documents with your colleagues in real-time, as if you were sitting at the same desk. Easily discuss edits in a chat panel right within the edited document.

Share without limits

Click the Share button, select sharing options, and you’re all set. We ensure that all recipients can read or edit documents just like your internal company users.

Review mode

Keep track of the history of changes and ongoing edits in your documents. Easily switch between views to compare the original and edited versions. You can accept or reject changes and share the reviewed file for final approval.

The Dashboard

Access all data from one place

Easily manage your files by dragging and dropping them, attaching sticky notes, pinning important conversations, or saving crucial meeting recordings. Access them with just a simple click.

Customize to your heart’s content

Effortlessly manage your Dashboard with interactive previews, flexible organization, and convenient folder arrangements.

Integrated experience

The new environment is freely extensible, allowing for future integrations of third-party services.


Experience the simplicity of Dashboard, a cloud-native app that requires no setup. It seamlessly caters to both self-hosted and cloud-based customers.


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