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Rubik Infotech Pvt Ltd.Rubik Infotech Pvt Ltd.

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Rubik Infotech: Making Digital Safety Easy. Streamlined Solutions for Access, Privacy, and Security. Trust Us for Effortless Protection and Compliance.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Expertise & Experience Confidently combat challenging cyber attacks. Secure your business with our proven method

Cloud Security

Security safeguards cloud infrastructure, apps, and data through MFA, encryption, updates, firewalls, access control, and compliance.
Data Protect

Data Security

Protecting your critical data with advanced security measures and state-of-the-art encryption protocols.

Web Security

Defending web applications and digital platforms against cyber threats and unauthorized intrusions.
Email Protection

Email Security

Protecting the privacy and security of email communications using cutting-edge threat detection and encryption.

Compliance & Gov

Helping organizations adhere to data protection regulations and government standards to ensure compliance.
Server Security


Enhancing access security to digital assets with Identity and Access Management (IDAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.
Date Security

App & Db Security

Strengthening applications and databases to guard against vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.
Network Security

Network Security

Protecting networks against external threats and intrusions through advanced monitoring and firewall solutions.
Team Meeting

Security Operations

Effectively handling and mitigating security incidents to reduce risks and ensure operational continuity.
System Protection

Endpoint Security

Securing devices and endpoints against malware, unauthorized access, and data breaches.
OT Sec

Operational Security

Recognizing the distinct security requirements of OT environments, which often diverge from conventional IT settings.
Remote Control


Customized cybersecurity solutions and services crafted to address individual client requirements and complexities.


Complete outsourced security services encompassing monitoring, incident response, and vulnerability management

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